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Risk and decision seen from the movie, Field of dreams

"Field of Dreams" is a 1989 fantasy-drama film directed by Phil Alden Robinson, based on W.P. Kinsella's novel "Shoeless Joe." The movie revolves around Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, who hears a mysterious voice telling him to build a baseball field in his cornfield. As Ray follows the guidance of the voice, he encounters various risks and decisions that shape the narrative. Here are some aspects of risk and decision-making seen in the movie:

  1. Financial Risk:

    • Ray Kinsella risks his family's financial stability by plowing under a portion of his cornfield to build the baseball field. This decision is based solely on the mystical voice he hears.
    • The financial implications of building the baseball field are unclear, and Ray faces uncertainty about whether it will pay off or lead to ruin.
  2. Personal Sacrifice:

    • Ray makes a personal sacrifice by dedicating his time and resources to fulfill the mysterious voice's instructions. This decision puts a strain on his relationship with his family, especially his wife, who questions the sanity of his actions.
  3. Belief in the Unseen:

    • The entire plot revolves around Ray's belief in the mystical voice and his willingness to take significant risks based on this belief. The decision to follow the unseen guidance is a leap of faith that challenges conventional wisdom.
  4. Social Risks:

    • Ray faces skepticism and criticism from the community for his seemingly irrational decision to build a baseball field for unseen players. This social risk threatens his reputation and relationships within the community.
  5. Emotional Risks:

    • The decision to reconnect with his deceased father through the baseball field carries emotional risks. Ray experiences a rollercoaster of emotions as he grapples with unresolved issues and the impact on his own well-being.
  6. Trust and Relationships:

    • Ray's decision to trust the mysterious voice and build the baseball field affects his relationships, especially with his wife and neighbors. The risk of alienating loved ones is a central theme in the film.
  7. Unknown Outcome:

    • Throughout the movie, the characters are faced with the unknown outcome of their decisions. The audience is also kept in suspense about the true nature of the baseball field and its purpose until the later stages of the film.

In "Field of Dreams," the narrative explores the intersection of risk, decision-making, and the power of belief. It encourages viewers to reflect on the choices they make, the risks they take, and the importance of following one's convictions, even in the face of uncertainty.


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